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Who To Go To For Homeowners Insurance Advice

It should go without saying who you should be going to at this time but such is the fickle and fallible human nature. Because of that, it is still quite healthy to receive reminders from time to time, particularly on important matters, such as filing your tax returns on time and updating your homeowners insurance policy. And if you own your own home but have never filed a homeowners insurance policy in your office drawer, then this is a sweet reminder to arrange for cover as soon as possible.

Because you never know. Thunder and lightning can strike at any time. That and worse calamities have a nasty habit of striking when you least expect it. Such is the nature of, well nature.

You also need to be reminded of who and where to go to for good and proper homeowners insurance advice. Perhaps many readers can relate at this point in time. Previously, they may have acted under duress (the proverbial twisting of the arm or enticement to buy a certain insurance product which, in essence, they had no use for), or distress (usually after the fact of suffering a calamitous loss due to incorrect, improper or insufficient insurance coverage – or worse, not having a proper homeowners insurance policy at all).

If you are going to be going direct, in other words, directly to the insurance company (and that’s not a bad idea because the so-called middleman’s fees are immediately cut out of the equation and your fresh insurance quotations should essentially be cheaper) try and work with leading service providers. In other words, those insurance companies who have good records of paying out clients willingly and on time and that show clear indications of having healthy balance sheets. But in many cases, the layman is not always able to decide which insurer best serves his personal and material circumstances. 

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Which is why it then becomes advisable to preferably work through an insurance agent or broker. But having said that, it further becomes necessary that you only source the advice and administrative assistance from an agency that has been fully vetted and is fully licensed to give you advice and sell you insurance policies. You will also be checking to see that the company you are dealing with is also properly insured. This is in the extreme case that you are also covered when wrongful advice is given. Depending on your personal, circumstantial, material and financial circumstances, three types of homeowners insurance cover are possible for you.

You can receive or update your policy to cover your property at cash value only, replacement cost or a guaranteed replacement cost. The cash value policy suits those who are financially constrained at this time because it is generally regarded as the cheapest form of homeowners insurance available to them. But of course, it would be a lot smarter to consider the next two replacement cost options.